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Health-wise: Here are 5 Side Effects of Wi-Fi That Kill Us Slowly – Expert Reveals

Wi-Fi has become an essential need for some. It is found everywhere, in homes, offices, restaurants and even in hospitals. It gains more and more space but also of importance. Children and adults, everyone begins to develop a certain dependence on this little gadget that turns the world into a village where everyone knows everyone. However, it is not safe because we begin to discover its side effects.

  • On the development of children

According to the national agency for food safety, the environment and work in France, because of Wi-Fi, children absorb a very large amount of radio frequency electromagnetic fields. This could have consequences on the central nervous system and muscles.

  • Aggravates insomnia

Due to the electromagnetic waves released by the Wi-Fi router, your insomnia could be aggravated. Worse, it could cause palpitations, fatigue and headaches.

  • Decrease in concentration

Because of radio frequency electromagnetic fields with a very low frequency have a negative effect on the nervous system. This can cause a drop in concentration but also memory lapses and dizziness.

  • A risk on fertility

According to a study conducted by the Department of Anatomical Sciences at Zanjan University in Iran, Wi-Fi generates electromagnetic waves that can negatively impact fertility and sperm quality.

  • Risks of cardiovascular disease

People who have sensitivities to magnetic waves are exposed to tachycardia. Indeed, Wi-Fi could increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Precautions to take

While it is difficult today to live off Wi-Fi, there are ways to protect yourself from its harmful effects.

First, avoid placing the Wi-Fi router in the kitchen or bedroom. Then when your phone is connected to the internet, avoid putting it in your pockets. At home, prefer the use of the landline or otherwise do sms instead of calls. In addition, before going to bed, disconnect all your devices.


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