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Health-Wise!! Everything About Perleche In 5 Questions!!

It is not unusual to see a person with a small wound at the corners of the lips. In Ivory Coast argon it is called “dagbe”. The scientific name of this condition is the perleche.

What is the perleche?

It is a buccal mycosis, due either to a fungus or a bacterium.

How does it manifest itself?

The perleche manifests itself by cracks, whitish deposits or wounds at the corner of one or both lips. This can cause cracks in the corners of the affected lips.


What are the causes ?

  • The perleche can be caused by a dryness of the lips causing the vulnerability of the lips to fungi and bacteria.
  • It may also be due to an excessive presence of saliva at the corners of the lips.
  • Another cause is the presence of cracks or cracks due to cold.

How to prevent the perleche?

  • It is necessary to avoid too often the language on the lips.
  • Additionally Adopt a balanced diet with enough vitamins A and B , while reducing sugars.
  • Have a good oral hygiene, with adapted products (ask advice from your dentist or pharmacist).
  • For people prone to chapping, use a moisturizing balm and use it daily.
  • It is important to drink enough water to hydrate.

How to treat perleche?

  • Often in the case of beginner anglers and minor gravity, hygiene advice can suffice: moisturize the skin and adopt impeccable oral hygiene.
  • If the problem is already well established, a doctor can give medicines for the perleche: antibiotic creams, also moisturizing, or antifungal according to the germ in question.
  • In the longer term, of course, care must be taken to eliminate the perleche factors so that it does not reappear.

It can be very difficult to get rid of a perleche if the immune system is greatly decreased, in cases of AIDS or syphilis for example. The treatments must then be much more aggressive.


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