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Health-wise: Are Your Kidneys Unhealthy? These Are 4 Ways to Find Out

The importance of the kidneys in the functioning of the body is well established. If your kidneys are not going well, you are not far from life to death. We give you 4 signs to know if your kidneys are good or not. They are taken from the advice of Dr. Gabriela Goléa, nephrologist.

Eyelids or swollen feet

Eyelids, swollen hands or feet may be signs that your kidneys are not doing well. They are the translation of the dilation of the blood vessels, which lose the water for the benefit of the tissues.

High blood pressure

In addition to being a precursor to a stroke, high blood pressure is also a sign of kidney dysfunction. The kidneys produce hormones such as renins or bradykinins, whose role in the regulation of blood pressure and blood pressure is very important. Too high a voltage can destroy the kidneys.


An intense and persistent fatigue

Fatigue is a normal state for any body that is active. Only you will have to be worried about your health and especially your kidneys when this tiredness sticks to your skin like a second nature. This situation is caused by an excess or a lack of minerals in the body.

Urinary disorders

Urinary disorders are for many, the most common consequence of kidney disease. but what many people may not be aware of is that the urinary tract infections themselves can cause kidney dysfunction, if they are poorly cared for.

As a reminder, this list of symptoms is not exhaustive!



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