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Health-wise: 5 Signs of Dangerous Blood Clots to Know Absolutely

Nothing should be neglected in terms of health, even a pimple on the body should be taken very seriously. There are many illiterates in the field of health in our societies. Consequence, several deaths.

Today we will talk about thrombosis and its signs. What is thrombosis?

Thrombosis is a blood clot also called thrombus. It usually forms in a blood vessel and obstructs it. It can also form in a vein or an artery. In this case, it becomes venous thrombosis (or phlebitis) or arterial thrombosis.

In most cases, thrombosis is considered transient, but at times it becomes dangerous for humans.

Here are five signs of blood clots dangerous to know absolutely.

1- Swelling or bump in one of your limbs

Inside a swelling may be venous thrombosis (phlebitis) that can affect circulation, decrease the amount of oxygen delivered to vital organs and cause a heart attack or stroke (study).


2-Pains in the legs

If you have frequent leg pain, be careful. When these pains manifest themselves in the form of cramp, it is the sign of a thrombosis, you must quickly go to see a doctor.

3- Red “Stripes” on the skin

When you have a blue on the skin that leaves a blood clotting below the veins (this coagulation forms scratches), it is a blood clot that must be treated quickly. Otherwise you risk the worst.

 4-Thoracic pains during a deep inspiration

If you feel internal burns while breathing deeply, this may be a sign of a clot in your lungs. According to doctors, this pain can lead to pulmonary embolism.


You have palpitations and vertigo with the slightest physical effort, there is surely a blood clot in the area.


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