Health-tips:Here Are 7 Daily Habits That Could Be Harmful To Your Health

Almost everyone has bad habits. But these habits mentioned below can also have devastating effects on health, as incredible as it sounds.

1-Brushing your teeth after eating

Health: 8 daily habits harmful to health!

Brushing teeth after meals is actually not very good for teeth and this is especially the case after eating acidic foods (candies, citrus fruits and others). Brushing makes it easier to penetrate the acid on the enamel of the teeth, damaging them and making them more permanently sensitive.

2-The music too strong in the headphones

Health: 8 daily habits harmful to health!

Music too strong for eardrums can create hearing disorders, tinnitus and loss of hearing. Do not listen to music with too much volume, and take breaks from time to time.

3-Drinking too much fresh fruit juice

Health: 8 daily habits harmful to health!

Juices contain a lot of different allergens. Moreover, the sugar contained in the fruits promotes a rapid increase in the level of sugar in the blood, but which goes down very quickly and thus generates the small hollows. So it’s better to have a little drink from time to time …


4-Using your smartphone before going to bed

Health: 8 daily habits harmful to health!

A little trick on social networks or other applications before the dodo? Bad idea ! Blue light inhibits the release of sleep hormone, melatonin. So you spend more time falling asleep and losing the hours of restful sleep needed for your balance. Sleep disorders increase the risk of depression, overweight and cancer.

5-Use antibacterial soap

Health: 8 daily habits harmful to health!

According to two studies, the use of this type of soap does not reduce the risk of spreading infections more than normal soap.

6-Wear tight jeans

Health: 8 daily habits harmful to health!

The risk of developing cystitis is much greater with this kind of pants. On top of that, some can form some marks on the skin (blues and bruises). And as if that were not enough, tight jeans can cause a paresthesic merergia, characterized by pain and other symptoms such as falling asleep, tingling and burning sensations due to nerve compression.


Health: 8 daily habits harmful to health!

The chemicals contained in perfumes can often lead to headaches, dizziness, nausea and irritations of the skin and eyes. An alternative to perfumes are essential oils, natural and therefore safe.


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