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Health Tips: These Are 4 Things Everyone Does That Destroy The Liver.

The liver is the No. 1 organ that flushes our bodies. It filters the blood and toxins from our body. And to avoid damaging it, here are the attitudes to proscribe from your daily life.


1-Prepared dishes

Processed and so-called “ready to eat” foods are full of bad fats and preservatives that oxidize the liver. The extra calories from fat and carbohydrates also contribute to the damage.


2- The sport

The liver plays an important role in the digestion of food. If you play sports, you are helping this process considerably. Sport allows our bodies to know how to use carbohydrates more efficiently, which is why as a sportsman, we need it less.

3-Too much fat

Eating fat leads to obesity. Obesity is closely linked to a severe liver disease, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), which occurs when there is an accumulation of fat in the liver, and causes inflammation and degeneration of liver cells.

Left untreated, NASH leads to liver cancer, cirrhosis or liver failure, even if the patient has never drunk a drop of alcohol in his life.

4-The slimming products

According to researchers, dietary products and food supplements that claim to contain herbal substances or say they are “natural” can also cause liver damage.

Similarly, green tea extracts greatly increase the toxicity of our liver as they generate rapid weight loss.

If the results with such a diet seem to be miraculous, it is that there is usually a flip side, such as a deadly infection for the liver.


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