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Health Tips: Never Ignore These 8 Important Signs That Indicate Your Body Needs Medical Help!! #6 could be more serious..


8 signs that your body needs help:

1 – Dry skin:

Dry skin may be the result of lack of maintenance and hydration, but it is also a very clear sign of deficiency in some vitamins and minerals. Indeed, skin with a very dry appearance may reveal a deficiency of vitamin A, for example.

Vitamin A helps to heal the skin, protects against premature aging and facilitates the repair of skin cells.

It is therefore important to have adequate daily intake of vitamin A in order to preserve the health of the skin. 700 μg and 900 μg are the recommended intakes for adult women and men, respectively.

Consume foods rich in vitamin A such as fatty fish, milk, eggs, cheeses …

2 – Breaking nails:

We all hope to have well-groomed hands and   strong and shiny nails . Only due to several factors, the latter can become brittle and grow more slowly.

The brittle nails, are mainly due to a deficiency of various vitamins and minerals like vitamin B, iron and zinc. Increase your intake of these nutrients to strengthen your nails and preserve them.

3 – Hair breaks:

The beauty of the hair passes above all by their health! What is the value of having shiny, thick hair, if brittle?

The   brittle hair is due to various factors, including an aggressive capillary routine or nutritional deficiencies. A diet low in protein, can be the cause of fragile and brittle hair.  Recall that the main component of the hair is keratin, which is a protein.

Consuming enough protein is therefore essential to have strong, healthy hair.

4 – Sugar cravings:

Chocolate, sweets, sodas, pastries … the cravings for sugar are the most irresistible of all, but what do they mean?

An urgent urge for sugar is often caused by a lack of starch. The body therefore claims carbohydrates ( sugar ) in its own way. It should be remembered that these substances act as fuel for the organism and are essential for its proper functioning.


Do not ignore these 8 important signs that your body needs help

Sweet cravings may also be due to a state of anxiety or overwork.

5 – Gums bleeding:

Gingival bleeding is a very common disorder. Often linked to gingivitis, however, these may be due to other problems such as coagulation disorders or blood platelets.

Vitamin C deficiency can also cause bleeding of the gums.  If this is the case, it is recommended to consume foods rich in this vitamin such as kiwi, oranges, peppers or berries.

6 – Irritability, cramps in the legs and poor quality sleep:

You are all the time irritated, you often have muscle cramps, and do not sleep well? You may have a magnesium deficiency!
Indeed, these symptoms may indicate a deficit of this mineral, essential for the proper functioning of the organism. Normally, the recommended intake of magnesium is 420 mg in an adult male and 320 mg in an adult female.

Unhealthy diets cover little or no need for this mineral, hence the importance of betting on foods rich in magnesium (such as chocolate, green vegetables and whole grains), or making cures from time to time .

7 – Desires of salty foods:

If you often want salty foods, this indicates a deficiency of minerals, especially calcium. Indeed, according to different studies, women who have lower intakes of calcium are more eager for salty foods. This can be explained by the fact that sodium increases the level of calcium in the blood temporarily, causing the body to mistakenly believe that the problem is being resolved.

8 – Spicy food cravings:

When your body struggles to lower its temperature, it tends to require spicy foods. Although this may seem paradoxical, this phenomenon is true, since spicy foods promote sweating which helps the body maintain a good temperature when it is hot.


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