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Health-Tips!! Most Women Drink This Drink Every Day Without Doubting That It Can Cause Breast Cancer!!



Br_east cancer is the most common female cancer, its causes are multiple and little known. However, a few risk factors have been identified, such as family history, sedentary lifestyle, and a diet high in saturated fat. Milk has also been pointed at since scientists have found a higher frequency of breast cancer in populations drinking a lot of milk. Is this questioning based?

Milk on the harness!
Milk symbolizes growth and purity but is now the subject of suspicion. Doctors accuse him of being heavy and too fat for the digestive tract but also of being linked to several diseases, from the most benign to the most alarming: diabetes, rheumatism, otitis, multiple sclerosis and cancer.

16% of French people are afraid of their health and 20% are suspicious of its quality. The polemic swells, the recurring anguish: drinking too much milk would cause cancer. Scientific studies abound in this direction. The latest is a study by Norwegian scientists linking high milk intake to breast cancer. Absorbing three cups of milk a day would increase the risk of developing a tumor, compared to a daily consumption of half a cup or a whole cup.
What is the relationship between milk consumption and breast cancer?


The American Journal of the National Cancer Institute published 1900 survivors of breast cancer, the results of which raise concerns: the consumption of whole milk products by women who have survived Breast cancer has been suspected of increasing the mortality rate.
372 women of the women followed died and 189 died from a recurrence of breast cancer. Women who have defeated breast cancer and who consume whole milk, cheese or other dairy products on a daily basis are 49% more likely to die from cancer than women who consume low-fat products. Statistics show high rates of breast cancer in patients of Swedish, Finnish, British, Canadian and American. Countries where milk is strongly rooted in food habits and whose per capita consumption exceeds 150 kg per year.


Conversely, scientists have found that breast cancer is almost non-existent in the least consumer countries. According to these authors, it appears that hormones and certain components of milk have carcinogenic effects. The same goes for the added synthetic vitamin D that industrialists add to the milk to improve their consistency. The link between milk consumption and breast cancer may also be due to the fact that whole milk is richer in estrogen than light products. However, we know that these substances favor the development of certain cancers.
Other factors that contribute to the development of breast cancer

In addition to the highly controversial consumption of milk, there are proven but modifiable factors that contribute to the development of breast cancer, including: low consumption of vegetables and fish, excessive ingestion of processed foods, alcohol, sugar Pork, without omitting sedentary lifestyle and obesity.

We do not really want to believe that our bustling supper to push up are not safe. More than a concern for coquetry, ultra-grip bras, so very tight could have detrimental consequences on our melons. Their too prolonged wear limits the circulation of the lymph fluids thereby evacuating the toxins from this part of the body, thus exacerbating the risk of developing breast cancer.
A study by Harvard University showed that a woman wearing a bra for more than 12 hours a day is at an increased risk of breast cancer. Those who swear by babies are 125 times more likely than the average to be subjected to them, not to mention those who forget to take them off and sleep with them who take 75 times more risk.

To date, the main danger lies in our way of life and how we feed ourselves. A varied and balanced diet, the practice of a sporting activity and the maintenance of a healthy weight are valuable assets to preserve one’s health.


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