Health-tips: Check Out 6 Steps To Effectively And Efficiently Manage Stress

Figures show that approximately 80% of medical consultations are linked directly or indirectly to stress. This is a very disabling problem especially in the workplace.

Definition of stress

According to a definition, stress is akin to internal panic in the face of external aggression. This reaction is produced by our brain trying to adjust. So it’s a psychic defense. According to an endocrinologist, Hans Selye, it is a reaction, not specific to the body, to maintain a state of equilibrium called homeostasis in response to a demand. So here are the six steps to overcome stress

  1. Identify the cause

First of all, it must be borne in mind that the causes of stress are multiple but mostly vary according to individuals and the environment. You really need to take the time to identify what stresses you. This may be the numbers you expect from you at work or the pressure you may feel as you approach the exams. Your stress may also be due to your baby’s coming in the next few months.



  1. Once the situation is identified, analyze and find the trigger

Of course, it is a situation that stresses you, but when you take the situation, you will see, for example, that the triggering factor of your stress is, for example, fear or lack of self-confidence.


  1. Remove the cause of your stress

To get rid of the cause of stress, one thing to do, for example, is to visualize the obstacles that make you so afraid. Indeed, consider what might happen to you if you do not reach your goal. Then work on ways to avoid failure.

  1. Let go

We do not say that the people around us are not performing well but we ask you to stop comparing yourself to others. You are you, with your share of strengths and weaknesses. Be in competition with yourself to improve yourself but not to martyr you.

Also, release the pressure. Who has never made mistakes? Let him be the first to stress!

  1. Finding your self-esteem

Stress situations generate a loss of self-confidence. The more stress we feel, the less trust we have. And the less we trust in ourselves, the more we stress and are likely to fail.


  1. Taking care of your physical health

This involves practicing a regular sporting activity. There are breathing exercises to unwind. One is to inspire a great blow, to pause and then to inspire. Then you should eat balanced and take herbal teas with stress (verbena, ginseng, eleutherococcus, chamomile etc.).

Then you have to have a good sleeping rhythm to allow the body to recover and have a good hormonal system.


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