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Health-tips: Check Out 6 Important Things Your Chest Reveals About Your Health

Your chest speaks volumes about your health, and it is imperative to often look at it and feel it. If you find yourself among these points below, it is essential to obtain medical advice.

1-Your breasts increase in size


Are your bras a little tight? Several factors may be responsible for this, and there is no cause for concern. It may include weight gain, a reaction to your birth control pill, hormonal changes related to your menstrual cycle or pregnancy. In the first months, your breasts prepare for breastfeeding.

2-Your breasts shrink


If, on the other hand, your breasts become smaller, this may be related to weight loss or the onset of menopause. On the other hand, if you also lose your hair, have acne or hair grow on your face, you should consult: it can be polycystic ovary syndrome. Another possible reason: you drink too much coffee! According to one study, more than 3 cups a day could decrease your chest.


3-You have pain in one breast


A consultation with the doctor is essential! Contrary to a prevalent idea, breast cancer can cause pain.

4-You feel bumps in your breasts

Health: 6 things your chest reveals of your health!

These small oval bumps are often safe cysts. They change in size depending on your cycle. Check with your doctor.

5-Inverted Studs

Some women have nipples pointing inward and there is nothing suspicious when it has always been the case. On the other hand, if your nipple pointed outward and is now tucked in, consult a doctor without waiting – this can be a sign of breast cancer.

6-Liquid flows from your nipple


If the flow is malodorous and contains pus, it may be an inflammation called mastitis, especially if you have recently given birth. If the discharge is yellowish, this may be a benign tumor. If the flow involves the two nipples, this may indicate a dysfunction of the thyroid gland, or may be caused by taking antidepressants. In all cases, a medical examination is necessary.


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