Health-tips: 5 Things That Cause Dryness of Lips In Men And women

The problem of dryness of the lips is as recurrent in women as in men.

Except that women are more attentive and sensitive when talking about different parts of the human body. Not only do dry lips hurt, but they are less appealing.

Have you ever wondered what causes the lips to dry? if not, we reveal everything in this article

1- Dry air

This is the most common cause, if you live in an area where the air is dry and you lack moisture 364 over 365 days, this is not luck. But to finish with the problem, apply a little honey on your lips every night at bedtime like that in the morning when you wake up, your lips will stay fresh all day long.


2- Humidify the lips with saliva

Who has not done this action? it has even become a tic, as soon as you feel that the lips are cracking, you put your tongue between your teeth and then you go back on the lips. But when the saliva dries, it carries with it moisture, making your lips even more painful and dry. Keep your lip balm on you, when you feel that the lips are breaking, pass the balm simply.

3-The lack of nutrients

Here is another cause of dry lips. If your lips are drying constantly, it may be because you lack nutrients. When the body is deficient in vitamin B2 or iron, the skin and lips dry up. If this is your case, doctors recommend avoiding coffee, black tea and red wine. They contain tannin that inhibits iron absorption.
Vitamin B2 is found in almonds, mushrooms and broccoli.

4-The stress

Maybe you did not know, but under stress the body produces less saliva, which promotes drying. There are exercises to reduce stress and relax.


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