Health-tips: 3 Remedies To Stop Foot Diseases

There are natural and economical solutions for treating foot diseases. These remedies are often even more effective. They may seem paradoxical, but they have been tested and approved.

Rather than looking directly at the doctor or the pharmacy, look for “miracle cream” or “immediate effect seals”, test these solutions as soon as a small inconvenience occurs.

1-For the nail fungus

0.5 l of mouthwash, 0.5 l of vinegar and 1 l of water

Pour the three liquids into a basin big enough for you to get your feet in. Leave it on for a while. The mixture will disinfect and kill the bacteria just like the fungus in the nails.

2-Corns and calluses

1 half onion, 250 ml vinegar and an elastic bandage bandage


For this trick, you must prepare to spend the night with an onion under the foot. Start by cutting the onion in two, and soak it at least 30 minutes in a bowl of vinegar. Then lay the cut face against your damaged foot and fix with the tape. The onion will act all night and erase the corns and calluses.

3-For fungus between the toes.


This remedy is not complicated, but it may seem odd. However, honey is of a formidable efficacy against fungal infections of the toes. Its antimicrobial virtues will quickly overcome small fungi, due to moisture and bacteria.

If you improve the condition of your feet with these tricks, then we will have succeeded our mission. These natural methods are the care of our ancestors but also those of our future …

Note: Before you decide to use any natural treatments, please consult your healthcare provider.


Written by How Africa

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