Health System In Brazil’s Largest City Sao Paulo In Danger Of Collapse Amid Coronavirus Crisis

The healthcare system of Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest city, is in danger of collapsing due to the mounting cases of Coronavirus, its mayor has warned.


Hospital intensive care units have been overrun with patients, Bruno Covas said at a press conference on Sunday night.


“We are nearing the most difficult time. Our intensive care beds are at 90 per cent capacity,” and the regular hospital beds are at 76 per cent capacity, said Covas.


With the healthcare infrastructure already stretched to the limit, the infection rate continued to run high and new cases continue to rise, he added.



On Saturday, Brazil’s confirmed coronavirus cases passed those of Spain and Italy.


As of Sunday, Sao Paulo, home to 20 million residents, reported 62,345 cases and 4,782 deaths from Covid-19. In total, Brazil has 241,080, with 16,118 deaths.


Three days ago, Brazil  lost its second health minister in a month after President Jair Bolsonaro demanded wider use of unproven anti-malarial drugs to fight the coronavirus outbreak.


Nelson Teich, an oncologist and healthcare entrepreneur, gave no reason for quitting in brief comments to journalists on Friday.


But his predecessor, Luiz Mandetta was sacked after disagreeing with Mr. Bolsonaro over social isolation measures, which Bolsonaro dismissed as unnecessary.


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