Health: Here’s Why You Need To Give Fish To Your Child According to a New Study

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania in the United States said parents should consider simply changing the diet of young people rather than begging them to go to bed. According to research published in the journal Scientific Reports.

As a matter of fact, a recent study has shown that children who eat fish once a week sleep better and have a higher IQ.

 researchers Fish

For the study, researchers asked 541 schoolchildren aged nine to 11 to complete surveys. These were about the amount of fish they ate. Then the IQ of the children surveyed was measured. Their parents were then asked about the quality of sleep.


The  team found that children who reported consuming fish weekly gained 4.8 points more for IQ exams than those who said they rarely or never consumed fish. Those whose meals sometimes included fish scored 3.3 points higher.

In  addition, the increase in fish consumption was associated with fewer sleep disturbances. Which, according to the researchers, indicates a better overall quality of sleep.

The researchers recommend starting to give fish to children before the age of two. Then gradually add more fish to the diet over time.


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