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Health: Here’s Why You Have to Eat Rice When It’s Cold – Expert

We hang bad habits every day without being aware of the impact on our health.

Today for health issues, we are going to talk about the consumption of rice, a product that is so loved by millions of households.

Did you know ?

“Raw” rice grains contain spores that contain dangerous bacteria that can cause food poisoning.

Fortunately for the consumer, once cooked in boiling water, the rice becomes harmless, with almost all potentially harmful bacteria being neutralized.

According to Dutch researchers, it is better for our health to consume cooked rice when it is at a tepid or cold temperature.


Indeed, these researchers discovered a complex relationship between rice and blood sugar, which led them to such a conclusion.

White rice further increases the risk of type 2 diabetes (T2DM) and blood sugar (blood sugar) levels after a meal. Which explains how you cook and eat your rice.

According to the investigations it appears that during its cooking, the grain of rice that swells undergoes various modifications.

After consumption it is easily digested in the stomach because of the starch released. And that’s where the danger lies. When the rice is quickly digested by the body, it increases very quickly your sugar.

To avoid it then, eat the rice when it is lukewarm or cold. In diabetics, researchers recommend the consumption of slowly digestible rice.


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