Health Check: Here Is Why Sitting Too Long Can Be A Danger To Your Health

Sitting too long can be seriously damaging to your health. But that does not mean you have to be constantly on the move. Reducing your inactivity time by just 21 minutes a day can help your health, suggests a new study of Plos One.

In the study, the researchers looked at the cases of 133 clerks and divided them into two groups. One group received advice on strategies to reduce their sedentary time; the other group skipped the sessions. The researchers set accelerometers on participants to see how their movement has changed from the baseline over the course of a year.


After three months, people in the movement group reduced their sedentary rest time by 21 minutes per day. During the same period, their fasting blood glucose levels decreased considerably.
The move from sitting down to less activity can help improve the process where your blood sugar is transported to the cells that need it, say the researchers.


Over a one-year period, the group that received advice has further reduced its sitting time, simply not to such a broad extent. After one year, they sat about 8 minutes less per day than during the study.
And at 12 months following counseling, the group recorded even more health benefits: Members maintained their muscle mass levels in their legs, while muscle mass for the group without instructions actually decreased.

They also showed improvements in a cholesterol marker called Apolipoprotein B-to-Apolipoprotein A-1 ratio, which may signal a reduction in cardiac risk.
These results show that even small changes are beneficial to avoid the effects on the health of the session, say the researchers.

Staying seated kills just as much as cigarettes or alcohol. Whether you spend your evenings watching TV, or spending them in a sports club. For the exercise does not change the time bomb which starts when one sits, with the immediate stoppage of the electrical activity of the leg muscles, the reduction, after one hour, of 90% fat-burning enzymes that are then deposited in the vessels, and the slowing down of glucose metabolism after two hours, thus decreasing the level of good cholesterol by 20% …


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