Health Benefits Of Brown Bread

Also popular by the name of wheat bread, brown bread is being appraised as a wholesome food from many years because it holds the nutrition of whole wheat. Now what sense do you make by ”whole wheat”? The word whole wheat refers to all the three components of wheat kernel which include the bran (serve you the best fiber), the wheat germ (loaded with so many nutrients) and the endosperm (good quality carbohydrates).
Buying 100% whole wheat bread is quite troublesome now-a-days because false labeling on food products. A bread labeled whole wheat flour or wheat flour doesn’t mean it is made up of whole wheat rather a product claiming 100% whole wheat or pure wheat bread is what we should look to buy brown bread.
This confusion lies for the reason that wheat flour is synonymous with white flour but it really don’t make sense that it has all the nutritional qualities of whole wheat as during wheat processing many important components of wheat kernels are loosed this is also the reason why brown bread is preferred over white bread.

Nutritional profile:
Whole wheat is the major ingredient of brown bread. As the name indicates it provide you with a whole package of nutrient including vitamins and all catalytic minerals which you need to have a quality lifestyle. Below is given the list of respected nutrients:

• Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium.
• Silicon, manganese, Zinc.
• Chlorine, Sulphur Arsenic.
• Iodide and copper.
• Vitamin-B and E.
• No fats.

Health benefits of brown bread:
• Good for weight loss:
Weight gain is a common issue affecting people of all ages however adults and females are more suspected to it. Many researches of the American journal strike on the point that people who consume whole wheat bread or brown bread on regular basis have lower chances to get over weight as compared to those who consume white bread. Moreover it also promotes the concept of the path leading to a healthy lifestyle.


• Resist Alzheimer’s disease & many mental abnormalities:
Brown bread is made up of 100% whole wheat which has the treasure of many nutrients like B-vitamins, vitamin-E, iron, zinc and magnesium. These entire nutrient are worthy as they make you immune to many mental debilities including Alzheimer’s disease and hyperactive disorders.

• Cut heart disorders:
Every one person out of three is suspected to heart disorders like arthrosclerosis or heart stroke primarily due to poor eating habit. Elevated levels of cholesterol and LDL (bad fats) are the major cheapest ingredients which you should indulge in daily routine for healthy heart.

• Prevent constipation & promote healthy bowel movement:
Wheat bran present in brown bread is regarded as the gut healthy ingredient due to its high fiber content which produces laxative effect thus can prevent constipation making the stool soft and easy to pass along with removal of many toxins by the way to colon. Patients with irritable bowel syndrome can also take brown bread which may relive severe symptoms.

• Protect from breast cancer:
Brown bread is high in fiber and high fiber diet is what you need to keep cancer at bay as it binds toxic substances and took them away from body through feces. Also the lignin found in whole wheat produce anti-cancerous. Especially in case of females certain studies concluded that females who ate more fiber before their menopause are less prone to breast cancer respectively.


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