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Health Benefits of Baobab, the Africa’s Best Kept Health and Beauty Secret

Numerous individuals know about the infamous upside down tree, baobab. Be that as it may, few know about its tremendous health and excellence benefits.

Better known as Adansonia, the baobab tree can be found in the dry locales of Africa, Arabia, and Australia. The ‘Tree of Life’ can live between 3000 to 5000 years. A young baobab tree can take 200 years to hold up under foods grown from the ground it achieves natural product creation, it sprouts once every year. It is the main organic product on the planet that dries normally on the branch.

The natural product, a dry white-ish mash of the baobab organic product can be eaten or ground into powder and expended. The powder has tremendous medical advantages.

The baobab oil, which is obtained from the kernel of the baobab seed, has a high concentration of linoleic, oleic and palmitic fatty acids.


The baobab powder can be added to many foods.


It is exceptionally nutrient-rich. It is almost 50% fiber and contains more antioxidants than any other whole fruit. It is rich in vitamin C, high in potassium, and contains good amounts of calcium, magnesium, and protein. It is known to boost the immune system, facilitate iron absorption, slow energy release, regulate blood sugar, and aid in digestion.

Moreover, because it is a natural source of these nutrients and more bioavilable than manufactured vitamin supplements, it is easily and largely absorbed by the body.

Many people add it to their smoothies, yogurts, and pre/post workout drinks.

Skin and Nails 

Baobab oil has been a trusted aid in healthy skin, hair, cuticles, lips, and nails in the areas in which it is local.

High in vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, it is known to be an excellent emollient, serving as a great moisturizer and conditioner for skin and hair.

With high antioxidants and vitamin C, it is known to improve the skin’s defense system and its fatty acids make hair strong and shiny but does not clog pores. It restores skin’s elasticity, treating scars, marks, and skin conditions. This makes it the perfect addition to any pregnant woman’s beauty regimen.

As many companies begin to integrate baobab into their food and skin products, be sure to remember African roots and bask in many of its raw benefits.


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