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Health Alert!! This Is What Happens To Your Body After Applying Nail Polish….. Beware!!

Nail polish contains harmful chemicals.


Women love to embellish their nails. They love to visit the nail care spas every few days to make a well-manicured manicure and a transparent coat of nail polish after … Although nail polish looks very stylish and fashionable, do you know what What can it do to your body?
Yes, your favorite nail polish contains some chemical compounds that are known to cause disastrous effects on your body. If you had no idea about it, keep reading to find out what nail polish can do to your body.

Nail polish contains harmful chemicals.

Even the most popular brands that swear by the safety of their products contain traces of harmful chemicals in their nail polish.

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What do these chemicals cause?

These chemicals can cause horrendous hormonal imbalances in your body. Unlike other usual compounds, nail polish compounds are not excreted by our system. Even after 10 hours of application, the compounds are present in the blood.

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What are these components?

Have you heard of triphenylphosphate ? It is a chemical that can disrupt your hormonal mechanism and affect your reproductive system.

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It is harmful for women who paint their nails …

Triphenylphosphates are extremely harmful to women who often like to nail polish because this chemical mixes with their blood.

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It is not excreted …


With regular application, this chemical remains in your system and destroys the body …


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It also contains other chemicals.

 “Formaldehyde” is another chemical found in some nail polish that contains carcinogens (cancer agents).

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Use organic nail polish …

If you are a big fan of applying different colors of varnish, you can opt for organic colors that contain only water-based colors

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C ertains are also vegetal paintings …

They do not contain toxins, so they are natural for your nails and your body.

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