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Health Alert!! Gentlemen Only: Find Out How Your Big Toe Can Signal Problems With Your Erect!on – Study Shows!!

Gentlemen, did you know that the P3nis can send you signals concerning the state of health of your body. Surely many of you did not know it, but today you will know it through your daily Afrikmag.

Erection problems can predict a painful problem with your feet, according to new research from Keeleen University in England.

In the study, researchers followed nearly 48,000 men for an average of 10 years, some with a drop, others with a painful form of arthritis that usually affects the big toe – and another category that was healthy.

Gout is a rheumatic disease in recrudescence. It appears that people with gout are at greater risk of developing erosion disorders.

The researchers found that men with gout were 31% more likely to report an erectile dysfunction (ED) than healthy men.

big toe

In addition, pain problems may occur before painful joint problems are felt: those with gout were 63% more likely to report an erectile dysfunction in the year before their diagnosis.

Gout is associated with an abnormal accumulation of uric acid in the blood, promoting the formation of sodium urate crystals in the joints (hyperuricaemia). This crystallization in the synovial fluid, the function of which is to ensure the lubrication of the joints, provokes inflammatory reactions which are the cause of the symptoms of gout.
This disease occurs predominantly in men and evolves in painful crises.

The affected joint may be red, swollen.

Gout manifests itself as a violent pain during the night, then the affected joint (usually the big toe, the knee or the ankle) begins to swell, it becomes warm and very sensitive to the slightest touch.

A possibility? The accumulation of excess uric acid in your blood can affect your blood vessels, possibly triggering a proliferation of vascular smooth muscles, write the researchers. And this has been linked to the accumulation of plates.

Big problem for your p3nis: the accumulation of plaques in your blood vessels can impede blood flow – a necessary element to get and maintain a good erection.

Although more research is needed to confirm a causal link, researchers believe that the results suggest that erratic problems may indicate the underlying gout before painful joint problems appear.

It is necessary to detect erectile dysfunction in people with gout. Do not hesitate to talk to your doctor, who will be able to propose solutions. At the same time, cardiovascular risk factors need to be explored, monitored and supported.
Gout is a disease that requires comprehensive treatment.

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