Health-Alert!! During Dinner, He Began To Convulse And Died: You Won’t Believe The Reason Why! (+VIDEO)

This horrible story took place in Mexico City. Namely, 17-year old Julio Macias Gonzales died during dinner. You’re probably wondering how this happened…

While dining in his home, young Gonzales suffered a stroke and died. When the ER arrived, he was already dead. Doctors were aware that love bites cannot be the reason for his death, as they’re completely harmless.

However, Dr Max Gomez, a skeptic, consulted various experts regarding this case. His consultations confirmed that a love bite, in a specific situation, for example, if it is near the carotid artery, it can cause blood clots that travel to the brain and clog the arteries.


What’s more, in 2011, a 44-year old woman developed a blood clot when her husband’s love bite travelled to the heart. When a person has very thin, fragile arteries, the risk of stroke, associated with love bites, is much higher.

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