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Health Advantage And Disadvantage Of Using Tin Tomato Puree


Some few weeks back, I was really complaining about the high cost of tomatoes in the market and the reduction in quantity of seeds for the sold amount.

So a woman by my side said she usually adds more Tin tomatoes to boost her stew, that way it covers for the little tomatoes sold in the market.

Well I thought yes,that was an option,but I’m a lover of using fresh produce to make my meals not canned foods. Although, at times we have to use canned foods but it’s advisable we use them in moderation so as to avoid it health risk.

I once remembered sometime last year, I did some research about canned foods and Tin tomatoes was one of then, so quickly, I checked to see the pros and cons of using canned Tomato puree.

The Pros

During the making of tomato puree, the boiling process makes the lycopene in it to be more bio-available thereby making its consumers to enjoy the antioxidant which has been researched to be effective in combating cancer forming cells. According to a study published in the “Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry” in May 2002 found that the manufacturing process of heating tomatoes elevated tomato’s total antioxidant activity So high intakes of tomato decrease risk of prostate cancer.


The Cons
Fresh tomatoes contains vitamin C but if you’re used to using canned puree,the boiling process done during the processing of tomato reduces the concentration of vitamin C in the puree.
Also, the puree tomatoes contains chemicals that cannot be said to be totally healthy and they are unnecessary for the body system. These chemicals are usually added to act as preservative. One of such additives is sodium nitrate that may complicate the conditions of people with high blood pressure.

There are other additives included in tomato puree, and these ingredients have been found to cause weight gain and indigestion which leads to heartburn in some cases. Aspartame and corn syrup are such additives found in a table spoon of tomato puree.


Irrespective of the high cost of Tomatoes, do not fell discourage to make that sumptuous pot of stew. A better alternative is switch over to making different delicious Tomato sauce, Garden egg sauce, that would require using fewer fresh tomatoes.

Source: Foodiciary


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