Health: According To Researchers, Forgetting Does Good To Our Brain

Several studies show that there is nothing to worry about when we forget things that are often essential …


 After reading the research, you may even be proud of your bad memory.

According to an American researcher, oblivion is not akin to reduced intelligence or awkwardness.

In reality, it is essential to forget the futile things in order to retain the crucial information. Instead of perceiving information as made in itself, the brain creates a photo of certain events and simplifies important information for future use.

However, it often happens that the details begin to take up too much space in the brain and waste too much energy.


This eventually triggers a warning of “insufficient memory”, causing the brain to forget information, which is perceived as the “bad memory”.

You may have forgotten where you put your keys, but at least your brain has more room to store important information useful for decision making.

It is for this reason that it is important to “clean” his memory regularly in order to improve the performance of his brain.

How to “clean” and optimize memory?

Exercise regularly …

“Exercising increases the number of neurons in the hippocampus,” says the researcher.

Increasing neurons in the brain will allow you to get rid of the futile parts of memory while reclassing and storing important information simultaneously.

If you are not fond of exercise, you can consume certain types of foods that help boost brain functions such as whole foods, fish, tomatoes, foods rich in vitamin B, nuts, avocados, dark chocolate, broccoli and curry.

Unless you suffer from sudden memory loss or you forget much more than usual, having a bad memory is not so catastrophic.


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