“He Likes To Be Called Harry In The Workplace” – BetterUp CEO Explains Prince Harry’s Role At The Tech Startup


Alexi Robichaux, the CEO of the Silicon Valley start-up, BetterUp, revealed today that Harry has been working quietly for months at the company.


Alexi said while appearing on BBC: “He’s been in the role for a couple of months, and we’re so excited to share the news with the world.”



He added that the Prince, who is the company’s Chief Impact Officer, likes to be called Harry in the workplace.



“We’re partners here, he likes to be called Harry in the workplace, so we just address him as Harry.”


Alexi refused to say how much Harry is getting paid.


When asked about Harry’s pay, he said: “You can imagine as a private company, we don’t disclose any compensation for any employees and folks. And so unfortunately I’m not able to share that.”



As for Harry’s work attitude, he said the Duke of Sussex has an “incredible attitude” and that he is “filled with energy and enthusiasm”.


Prince Harry also granted an interview where he spoke about his reason for joining BetterUp.



Below is a video of BetterUp CEO’s interview about Harry.


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