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Haunting Video of 5-Yr-Old Syrian Boy Rescued from Aleppo Goes Viral

A photograph of a five-year-old boy who survived an airstrike in Aleppo has highlighted the extent of the civil war in Syria. The image has gone viral around the world.

Covered in dust from head to toe after being pulled from the rubble caused by an airstrike, a young boy sits dazed and bewildered in the back of an ambulance. The survivor of the airstrike in Aleppo on Wednesday has been identified by Syrian doctors as five-year-old Omran Daqneesh.

The photograph is a still taken from a clip posted by the Aleppo Media Center on YouTube late on Wednesday.


The footage shows young Omran being rescued from the wreckage in Aleppo’s Qaterji neighborhood before being taken to the ambulance.

Within hours of being posted on Twitter, the startling image has been shared tens of thousands of times, prompting a huge response across social-media platforms.

President and CEO of the International Rescue Committeee David Miliband tweeted: “The stunned, bloodied face of a child survivor sums up the horror of Aleppo.”

Watch the video below:



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