“Hate, Fools”: Trump Castigates Those Who Do Not Want A Good Relationship With Moscow

"Hate, fools": Trump castigates those who do not want a good relationship with Moscow© Sputnik Photo Agency Source: Reuters
Vladimir Putin in discussion with Donald Trump at the APEC summit, November 11

“When will all haters and fools realize that having good relations with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing?”: The US President of the United States announced on November 11 on Twitter , of its willingness to cooperate with Russia. According to Donald Trump, Moscow can indeed be of “great help” on many issues, such as North Korea, Syria, Ukraine or terrorism.

A message that is particularly addressed to the Democratic camp, whose anti-Russian rhetoric does not weaken. Just before boarding Air Force One on Nov. 11, the US president told reporters that Russia’s alleged interference in the presidential election was a “coup deuce” of the Democrats. He also implied that the latter were jealous of not having managed to develop a good relationship with Moscow, believing that they did not have the talent to achieve it.


“Hillary [Clinton] tried, she failed, nobody talks about it,” said the US president, referring to  the episode of the “reset” button . In March 2009, the then secretary of state had offered a large plastic red button to Sergei Lavrov to symbolize the US desire to restart relations between Washington and Moscow. However, the word had been translated into Russian part “перегрузка” (peregrouzka) which means “overload”, and not “restart”, in Russian “перезагрузка” (perezagrouzka) …

“Obama also tried but he had no chemistry with Vladimir Putin,” continued Donald Trump, an assertion he reiterated later on his Twitter account.

The US president, for his part, was pleased to have had good discussions on Syria with his Russian counterpart during their brief meeting at the APEC summit. The two leaders made a joint statement on November 11 to say that the Syrian crisis would not be solved by military means.

During his speech in Da Nang, on the sidelines of the Apec summit, Donald Trump emphasized the importance of maintaining good relations with “many countries”, notably China and Russia. He recalled that Moscow had been heavily sanctioned, saying it was now time to “heal the world that is broken and broken.”


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