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‘Hate Crimes Reached’ Nears 1,000 In The Days Since Trump’s Victory!!

Dark youngsters have been beaten and told “do a reversal to the cotton cultivate.” Muslims have been sent undermining messages, saying there will be a holocaust against them. Swastikas have been drawn on synagogues, schools and entryways. An elderly gay man was beaten by somebody who let him know “president says we can execute all you faggots now.” If none of these occurrences and those like it are sufficient, the Ku Klux Klan is likewise arranging a parade to observe Trump’s triumph.

These are just some of the incidences that the Souther Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has noted in the most recent update of their running tally of hate crimes and incidents since Donald Trump was elected Nov. 8.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has been keeping count of these hateful incidents, which have all happened in the days since Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. “Many incidents, though not all, involved direct references to the Trump campaign,” the SPLC said in their initial report, released Friday, Nov. 11.

“Pulling from news reports, social media and direct submissions at the Southern Poverty Law Center’s website,” is how they SPLC knows that Black people, Latino people, Asians, immigrants of color, Jews, Muslims, LGBTQ people and women are the main targets.


The new SPLC report, called “Ten Days Later,” noted that President-Elect Trump should not have been “surprised to hear” that some of his supporters had been using racial slurs and making threats against African-Americans, Latinos and gays like he said he was during his interview with 60 Minutes, which aired Nov. 13. Just 10 days following that, Trump claimed in an interview with The New York Times that he did not know why white supremacists — also referred to as “alt right” — had been “energized” by his campaign and were celebrating his victory.

“Again, it’s no mystery. Both the harassment since the election and the energy on the radical right are the predictable results of the campaign that Trump waged for the presidency — a campaign marked by incendiary racial statements, the stoking of white racial resentment and attacks on so-called ‘political correctness,’” the SPLC said in the new report.

Between the campaign Trump ran, the white supremacists who support him, the hate crimes that have surged in direct connection to his victory and the white supremacists he has chosen for Cabinet positions, it is possible America will see a continued and sustained rise of these crimes through the end of 2016, into 2017 and beyond.


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