Has Jesus Christ Returned? – Man Who Looks Exactly Like ‘Jesus Christ’ Spotted in Nairobi, Kenya

Because of the image we’ve been made to believe is Jesus’ from movies like ‘Passion of Christ’, some residents of Nairobi were left genuinely dumbfounded when a man bearing striking resemblance was spotted in town.



His choice of clothing did not help matters, and the unidentified man could not stop turning heads as he casually strolled in downtown Nairobi.


Some brave souls even asked for selfies, and he obliged.

We’ll be sure to inform you of any more sighting of this mystery man, but you can rest assured that if he were the son of God, there would have been trumpets at least.


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  1. A man look exactly like Jesus? who among u know how Jesus look likes?. That is the reasons why Muslims don’t allowed anybody to portrayed any Image as Prophet Muhammad Image. All thanks to Allah Almighty that make me to be a Muslim and make Islam to be my Deen.

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