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Harvey Weinstein’s Victim List Hit 75, But The Latest Victim Is Not Taking It Lightly.

Unlike many of Harvey Weinstein’s accusers—who have only been using media to accuse the Hollywood boss—Kadian Noble is taking it to another level: court.


After about 4-years of silent suffering, the 31-years-old aspiring actress decided to tell her horrible 2014 encounter with Weinstein, in tears.


Weinstein reportedly made her stand before a mirror in one hotel room in France, while the media mogul stood behind her, groping and forcing her to sexual acts—after pretending to support her career.

Noble, filed a federal suit in Manhattan under a sex trafficking statute. Jeff Herman, her attorney, argues that Weinstein went against the U.S law which prohibits Americans from engaging in commercial sex overseas.

Herman adds that Weinstein is liable because he performed sex with Noble in exchange for helping Noble’s career. The suit seeks unspecified damages.

And just as always, Weinstein’s through his spokeswoman “denies all allegations of non-consensual sex”. “Not even one of those women showed retaliation during the alleged sexual harassment incidents.”

Noble says she met Weinstein in 2014, by chance, at ‘British Academy Film Awards’ after-party. Weinstein, she adds, even introduced her to Naomi Campbell and Oprah Winfrey, and she felt lucky when he said he’s ‘interested’ in her career.

They exchanged contacts aiming to meet for a reel demo. Later that year, Weinstein approached her in one hotel in France, flattered her, and suggested that they go to his hotel room—so that he could have a look at Noble’s acting skills.

But when they got up there, Noble slowly realized that Weinstein was after something else.

“Weinstein was repeating to me: ‘I need to be sure that you truly like me,’” she recalls. “At that point, things were a little bit confusing. But still, I had much hope in him.”

Weinstein stood her in front of the mirror, grabbed her arm, groped her and eventually forced her to perform the sexual act.

“And I kept saying ‘no,’ but I just felt so stupid,” she recalls. With time, the “NO” sound faded slowly by slowly enabling Weinstein to take advantage of her.

Unfortunately, after the incident, Noble says his assistants never contacted her. Noble says the worst part of it is that it spoilt her life-long dream of becoming an actress.

“People believe in you, Weinstein,” she said. “But all you think is turning your power, and the gift you have, into such corruption.”

The aspiring actress who lives in London recently detailed the crime to the NYPD, which is currently investigating claims against Weinstein. The Weinstein sex scandal has increased to include at least 75 other models, actresses, and others.


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