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Harvey-Irma Couple: The American Couple That Coincidentally Bear The Names Of The Recent Deadly Hurricanes.

While Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have injured countless hearts, the disclosure of this couple and their story can be a fairly relief that all is not lost with the devastation wreaked by the cataclysmic events.

Both partners were as astonished as the rest of the world that they bore an indistinguishable name from the Hurricanes.

Hurricane Harvey has been recorded to be the most exceedingly awful of its kind in 1000 years. Reports say that Irma actually wiped of a few islands off the Caribbean delineate. The Island of Barbuda is as of now depicted as “practically uninhabitable”

On the sweet and harmless side is Harvey and Irma Schluter. The American couple have been married for 75 years. Harvey is 104 years while Irma, his wife is 92 years.

The Harvey-Irma couple celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary in Spokane, Washington in March.

Harvey Schluter met Irma while visiting his brother at a duplex in Spokane. Irma was a high school student living with her sister in one of the apartments. On one occasion they ran into each other and got acquainted.

In 1942, they were married and have been together ever since.

Irma Schluter expressed her sadness that their names for once in their lifetime have become popular for the wrong reason.

On the name coincidence, Irma Schluter said this in utter amazement:

“I don’t know how they’ve done that, to have a Harvey and Irma.”

“I don’t know how that worked out.”

Her surprise led to what inspires the names given to hurricanes.

Harvey Irma Couple


The idea of naming hurricanes after human names started in the 1950s. But from 1979, the World Meteorological Organization started alternating men’s and women’s names for tropical storms born over the Atlantic.

The United Nations Committee have set six alphabetical lists. The naming system goes in a rotational manner. For instance, the names of minor hurricanes for 2017 will be used again in 2023.

According to Telegraph,

“The monikers of major tropical storms in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico are drawn from an alphabetical list made by the US National Hurricane Center (NHC), which prepares 21 names per year seven years in advance.”

Depending on the intensity of the disaster, the committee decides when to retire a particular name given to a hurricane. Often the name used for very deadly ones like Katrina will not be used again.

As confirmed by weather reports, Hurricane Irma came in the company of a pair of other hurricanes in waiting. This is why they have been named Hurricane Jose and Hurricane Katia.

The name ‘Harvey’ was first used for a hurricane in 1981. It was used six more times.

With the disastrous aftermaths of the recent Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, the names may not be used again in tandem

On a lighter note, Harvey Schluter who is an army veteran and a barber of 45 years says his most rewarding life achievement was being a faster parent.

The centenarian and his wife in the course of their lives have taken as much as 120 children.

Besides the awkward coincidence, the generous hearts of this couple is a message of hope for anyone who can lend a hand to the suffering hurricane victims.


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