Harvard University Uses Nigeria as a Case Study of a Failed African Country

Nigeria has yet again been ‘disgraced’ internationally, following an assignment Harvard University gave to its students in which Nigeria was used as a case study of a failed African country.

The question Harvard University gave its students reads;

Africa is growing. Seven of the the ten fastest growing economies in the world are in Africa, and the continent’s largest economies are becoming less dependent on extractive commodities. The continent’s rising middle class has demonstrated a taste for consumer goods and technological innovation, and Africa’s population-currently more than a billion people- is booming and overwhelmingly young at a time when populations in other regions are shrinking and aging.

Nigeria, sub-saharan Africa’s largest economy, epitomizes both the promise and the problems the continent faces in the 21st century. The contry had failed to thrive for its first thirty years as an independent nation, despite having a developmental head start relative to countries like China and India, as well as hundreds of billions of dollars in oil revenue.. Now, after pathbreaking reforms followed by signs of retrenchment, Nigeria’s new President faced both vast opportunity and grave challenges. Would the country flourish or founder in this new era? We will analyze key reforms in Nigeria’s economy, significant political developments, and the choices facing the country’s fast-growing private sector.

1. Why did Nigeria fail to thrive between 1960 and 1999, particularly relative to China and India?

2. How would you characterize former President Obasanjo’s legacy?

3. Are you bullish or bearish on the next fifteen years for Nigeria? What would make you change your mind? What opportunities do you see? What are the challenges (and risks)

This is coming after a 15-year-old Nigerian girl was offered admission to the prestigious Harvard University in United States of America. Saheela Ibraheem is the 15-year-old daughter of a Nigerian immigrant family living in New Jersey, United States. Since news broke about Saheela’s incredible acceptance to 13 of American’s prestigious Universities, local and International media took interests in the teen’s success story.



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  1. I believe in my country we will arise and bounce back. Thomas Edison failed 99 times before he invented the light bulb. Nigerians Do Not Give Up!! Look to the future as we say NO to corrupt leaders

  2. Labels stick on only those who accept defeat and surrender their self-esteem. The road is rough, hard, long and wavy. But we will rise as a people, proud, strong and free. That day will come. I believe it unshakably in my heart.

  3. In any country where you find corrupt persons or politicians in positions of authority , the consequences are poverty,, injustice , inequality and others . Nigeria is a sleeping giant whose potentials are yet to be tapped till we get our leadership right . A leader who should be able to manage The 5M’s effectively and efficiently using best practice principles. The whole world is waiting for us to manifest in science and technology .

  4. We are not going to go anywhere by just saying it, what are the actions we have taken as youths to move forward (nothing) we are here hoping and praying for a miracle, we all have social media accounts but we put it to no use, the youths are so corrupt, indulging in fraudulent acts praying for manner yo fall from above, we keep saying our leaders are corrupt, I agree, but we as youths what have we done even with the little power we have, we’ve done nothing absolutely nothing, go back in history check it and confirm it Nnamdi Azikiwe wasn’t up to 30 when he started fighting for our independence, Ojukwu wasn’t up to 30 when he was agitating for Biafra I could go on and on, but the children of this generation I really don’t get, take a que from other countries check people who are fighting the government they aren’t even up to 30 so we as youths need to stand up, think just for one second dont be won over by bribe, look at what you stand to gain when you make a decision at the long run, politicians would bribe you to vote and when they are in office stealing your money you start complaining, if you vote for who you want they would win, as for me I’m voting for a young Nigerian man who was interviewed on CNN

  5. Nigeria is a great nation. The nation is labeled because it has refused going some of the evil ways of the acclaimed great nations. Nigeria is not guilty of enslaving other peoples of other smaller or weaker nations around it to built up itself. Nigeria has refused engaging in immoral altitudes like homosexuality, gay marriages and abortion that have taken center stage on some nation’s policies. We may have challenges on economy and politics, we may be having a financial corrupt nation but we have one of the best moral nation.

  6. Nigeria is never a failed nation. We have challenges like any other nation and we are trying to fix them. Our nation may score low on economy and politics but we remain one of the most moral nations as of today. Nigeria has rejected signing for the practices of evil and abominable altitude like homosexuality, gay marriages and abortions. We have refused enslaving and colonising lesser nations around us.

  7. The destruction of the middle class by the political class, The “if you cant beat them, join them” syndrome, The endemic political and socioeconomic corruption in the Nigerian system, and the Docility of the Nigerian Youths who are ever ready to Mortgage there tomorrow for today! ; can never make Nigeria great again. We only need to learn from Malaysia, India, China, Brazil & Taiwan etc who were once rated third world Nigeria, but today Nigeria is 10th World whiles the former are Developed economies! Nigeria including you & I should hold our political leaders accountable and say no to political leaders/jobbers and there supporters who after destroying our Educational, Industrial, Hospital , etc systems, send there wards overseas, because they have no hope on the country!!!! They can’t build our roads, but they use our money to buy 4 wheels made in other countries, even when they are supposed to build roads and the car manufacturing companies here, in order to give us jobs!!!
    Which way Nigeria? No Way!!!!

  8. Wonderful presentation, I share same ifeaology with you in this and am saying; I will encourage as much as possible to vote a credible young leader as a president.

  9. The fact that they claimed we failed is a good evidence that we are trying and not dormant. Achieving success and breakthrough as a country is gradual and varies from country to country depending on so many factors.
    Nigeria will surely rise fully, blossom and take its rightful place among the comity of Nations.
    The world will not wait endlessly for us

  10. This kind of study was done in the early nineties by imf and published in their quarterly publication “finance and development ” that one was how economic forecast failed in the case of Nigeria.

  11. When the inhabitants of this earth awaken to the indisputable truth that European standards and values have brought the entire world to the brink of enviornmental, economic, political and social destruction and then unequivocably reject their illusion of progress and greatness,then shall Africa’s former glory begin the process of restoration from the plague of an imitation of life spiritually and physically forced upon us by powers that have never had our best interests in mind.

    That process has begun in Dimona, Israel in the Village of Peace.

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