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Harvard Graduate Who Studied With Lanterns In Rural Africa Launches Company To Give Gack

Mac Sarbah

A young man, Mac Sarbah who graduated from Harvard, Columbia and Cambridge Universities, despite having studied with kerosene lanterns in rural Ghana, walking several miles to school every day, and faced many odds, has a launched a company to give back and to provide a support system to help young people, especially those in Africa, realize their potential: in education, in entrepreneurship and in their careers.


Speaking about what motivated him to launch the company, Mac Sarbah said, “I am one of many kids from rural Ghana and Africa, who studied with kerosene lanterns, walked miles and faced many odds, but because of the support I received from God, teachers and professors, class and school mates, coworkers and managers, family and friends, I found myself at Legon, Columbia, Cambridge, and Harvard. Many other kids, from similar backgrounds, have been successful, because of effective support systems.”

“My journey has taken me to about 24 countries on 4 continents. Along the journey, I have met many young people who have gone wayward. Many bemoaned the support system they lacked. This is why I set up,” he concluded.

The company’s support system for African youth is even more important now that Africa is projected to have over a billion young people under the age of 25 years by 2050.

Experts fear a time bomb, describing it as a looming major humanitarian crisis, because of massive youth unemployment, as governments in Africa struggle to provide jobs for young people.

There are fears of violence, and exacerbated mass migrations across the Mediterranean and the West for greener pastures.


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