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What Would Happen If You Fell Into a Volcano?


If you fell into a volcano, you might not sink in the way you’d imagine.

Before I explain HOW it is possible not to sink I want you to consider the following stats.

Did you know that Africa has more than 100 volcanoes?
Eritrea: 7 Volcanoes
Ethiopia: 59 Volcanoes
Kenya: 22 Volcanoes
North Africa: 17 Volcanoes
DRC: 6 Volcanoes
Tanzania: 9 Volcanoes
Uganda: 7 Volcanoes
West Africa: 9 Volcanoes

Of course some are extinct volcanoes and others are still active.

Have you ever watched a movie and you see people fall and sink and kind of melt after falling into lava? Not actually a thing. That’s because,as you probably know, lava is liquid rock, so it’s much denser and more viscous than water.


The video below demonstrates what would actually happen if you stepped on lava

It shows that when you apply pressure to the lava, your foot wouldn’t just sink in, you’d actually only make a small dent. That’s not to say you wouldn’t be harmed, as the flames show.

So if you are travelling or living in parts of Africa that have active volcanoes and you fell on to some lava, as description under the video states, “You would simply land on it, sink a little, and be burned”.


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