“Hands Off Venezuela!”: Nicolas Maduro Warns Donald Trump in English (VIDEO)

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has called on Donald Trump not to touch Venezuela. He has also announced he will sue the United States after the announcement of new US sanctions against the oil group PDVSA.

“Donald Trump, hands off Venezuela!”: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro warned the White House tenant against any attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of his country, in English, at a meeting with senior officials Venezuelan officials aired on television on January 28.

On the same day, the head of state announced that he was suing the United States in response to Washington’s announcement of  sanctions against the Venezuelan national oil company PDVSA . On television, Nicolas Maduro said: “I have given specific instructions to the President of PDVSA to engage the political actions, legal, in the US courts and the world, to defend the property and wealth of Citgo”, the refinery subsidiary of PDVSA in the United States.

The United States has indeed decided to prohibit PDVSA any commercial relationship with US entities and frozen at the same time its assets abroad, whose amount is valued at seven billion dollars.


“With this measure, they want to steal the company Citgo, us Venezuelans. Alert Venezuela! The United States has decided today to take the path of theft of the company Citgo in Venezuela, it is an illegal way, “said Nicolas Maduro at a ceremony welcoming Venezuelan diplomats back from the States United States after the break-up of diplomatic relations between Caracas and Washington.

The president of the Parliament, Juan Guaido, self-proclaimed president of the country, meanwhile announced in a statement that he took control of the country’s assets abroad to prevent Nicolas Maduro “squanders” if he leaves the country. power.

On January 23, Donald Trump supported the president of the Venezuelan National Assembly and opposition leader after he had proclaimed himself “interim president” of the country, just days after the inauguration of the Venezuelan president. Nicolas Maduro, re-elected for a second term. Washington’s allies in the region had followed suit like Argentina, Canada, Chile, Colombia and Peru.


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