Half Of Voters Say They Would Vote For Joe Biden If The Election Was Held Today While 41% Support Trump

Half of voters in the US say they would vote Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden if the presidential election was held today compared to just 41 per cent who say they will vote Donald Trump, according to a new poll released Sunday.

According to the poll conducted by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal,  the Biden-Kamala Harris team would try to achieve something that “hasn’t been accomplished since 1992, defeat a sitting president”.


The poll was conducted after Kamala Harris was announced as Biden’s running mate and it showed Biden had a nine point lead over Trump.



The poll showed that 50 per cent of nationally registered voters would vote for Biden if the presidential election was held now.

According to the NBC, the results were “down a bit from Biden’s 51 per cent lead last month”, but overall the “numbers look pretty stable when you look at this race over the entire summer”.

However, among Biden voters, only 38 per cent say their vote is based on their support for the former vice-president

60 per cent admit they want anyone but not Trump.


A further breakdown of the poll shows that 83 per cent of Democrats and 85 per cent of Republicans have expressed a keeness on this year’s election.

In the combined 11 battleground states of Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, the poll also shows Biden leading Trump by seven points: 49 per cent to 42 per cent.


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