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Funny! Watch This 3-yr-old Girl Crying Hysterically After She Accidentally Saw Her Sister’s Period Blood; She Thought She Was Bleeding to Death!

This is the face of a terrified young child who had just learnt about periods for the first time – in the most awkward way. 3-year-old Rain Tolentino learnt about menstruation a little earlier than most of her mates after she followed her 16-year-old big sister Meeiah, into the bathroom while she was on her period.

Rain like most kids her age – likes to follow her big sis around and Meeiah was in a rush to use the toilet and didn’t bother to check that the door was locked. So when Rain walked in – what she saw was more than she could handle. Meeiah shared a video of the little girl’s traumatised reaction from seeing her bleed ‘down there’.

In the short clip, Meeiah asks Rain, ‘why are you crying’ and she replies, ‘because you’re bleeding there’ (points to vagina) .

She then yells “You need to go to the doctor,” and “You’re going to die because you’re bleeding!”

The video of Rain’s meltdown has now been shared over 1000,000 times on Twitter! Watch the funny clip below..


Or Watch Directly on Twitter Here

The big sister: 16-year-old Meeiah who was on her period
The big sister: 16-year-old Meeiah who was on her period




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