Hague University Awards Honorary Doctorate Degree To Ahmed Al Jarawan

The Hague University awarded Ahmed Al Jarawan, President of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace, an honorary doctorate degree in recognition of his great efforts in promoting the culture of tolerance and peace around the world and for his key contribution to the establishment of the council and its International Parliament for Tolerance and Peace.

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This came in a ceremony at The Hague in the Netherlands, in cooperation with the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace, at the headquarters of the International Court of Justice, and was attended by Saeed Ali Al Nowais, UAE Ambassador to the Netherlands, and several Arab ambassadors to the Netherlands, as well as presidents of educational, religious and cultural institutions concerned with tolerance and peace around the world.

In his speech, Al Jarawan thanked the university for this initiative that would contribute to motivating those supporting peace efforts around the world. He stressed the significance of choosing the location of the ceremony to award the prestigious degree.

Al Jarawan said that this honour is for “all those who shared with him his journey and mission of tolerance and peace, including the members of the Constituent Assembly of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace that was launched in Malta last year and the International Parliament for Tolerance and Peace, which was joined by 45 members of Parliament from all over the world.”

He attributed the credit to the wise leadership of the UAE, the country which established the first Ministry of Tolerance in the world, and ensured a diverse environment of peaceful co-existence based on the vision of the Founding Founder, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

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