Hadza: Ancient African Tribe That Relied On Hunting For Over 10,000 Years To Date


The Hadza are a Rift Valley indigenous ethnic group who live around Lake Eyasi. They are descended from Tanzania’s aboriginal hunter-gatherers, and they have lived on the same area for thousands of years.

The Hadza are one of the world’s last hunting-gathering cultures. The Hadza’s manner of life has remained almost unchanged.

The Hadza Tribe of Hazdabe is considered to be one of the world’s oldest tribes.

Historians believe Hadza ancestors broke away from other early human groups.

Hadza man after hunting


Because they do not have permanent residences, the Hadza Tribe, unlike any other tribe, does not keep livestock or grow crops.

The Hadza people have relied on hunting for survival for the past 10,000 years, their customs and way of life have remained unchanged. Hadza people use a click language to communicate with one another.

The Hadza people now live in Tanzania, in their ancient homeland, adjacent to an archaeological site where the oldest fossil evidence of early humans were discovered.

Hadza people still keep their ancestral cultures

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