Guys, Checkout What to Get Your Wife For Her Birthday

It’s really strange: You’d think that, the longer you’ve known someone, the easier it would be to think of a gift idea for their birthday. After all, your wife is someone you should know inside out, right?

Well, not quite. The old saying that men are from mars and women are from venus still rings true, and although you might know what makes your wife laugh and what makes her cry, you probably still don’t know what her favourite cosmetic brand is or that she adores handbags.

As such, deciding what to get her for her birthday is not easy. Make one wrong move and you could provoke her ire to the extent that she doesn’t speak to you for a week.

“I can’t believe you got me this patterned necklace! You should know I hate this style!”

To avoid total disaster, here are 10 ideas for what to get your wife for her birthday.

A Candle Lit Dinner

You really can’t go wrong with a candle lit dinner. It shows that you care for her and that she means the world to you.

And, hey, it’s a lot better than taking her out for a burger.

All women love candle lit dinners on their birthday. It’s an incredibly romantic gesture on the part of the man. You can either host your own candle lit dinner at home, or you could take your wife out to a classy restaurant. Whatever you decide to do, you’re onto a winner here.

Spa Vouchers

Women love to be pampered, that’s a fact. Women who work hard during the week before coming home to cook dinner, clean the house and sort out the finances deserve a break now and then.

And a birthday is the perfect time for such a break.

So why not treat the love of your life to some spa vouchers? She could really use just a few hours to enjoy herself. You don’t have to go with her; just let her know you’re thinking of her enough to get her the vouchers.


Although mostly all women appreciate jewellery for their birthday, you can still go wrong by buying her something that isn’t her style. It’s like guys with sports teams: If your wife bought your tickets to watch Manchester United even though you support Manchester City, you’re going to be pretty grumpy. You’re not going to believe she still doesn’t know which team you support!

If you’re not sure about what style of jewellery your wife likes, you could ask a friend of hers for advice. Jewellery is expensive so you don’t want to be making the wrong choice here.

Cook Dinner

This is only an option if you know how to cook. Don’t bother cooking dinner for her if you haven’t got the first clue about cooking (or even know where the kitchen is) because the last thing your wife wants on her birthday is to be listening to you ask “Honey, where are the pans?” and such other questions all night!

They also don’t want to call the fire bridge.


If, however, you’re a dab hand at cooking, you should totally consider cooking the love of your life her favourite meal. Cook her something meaningful that shows you love her.

Take Her Shopping

We know, we know. All these years you’ve been together, you’ve absolutely hated it whenever your wife has dragged you out on a shopping trip. The thought of being trapped in a busy mall on a saturday afternoon while your soccer team kicks off a few miles away sends shivers down your spine.

But now that it’s your wife’s birthday, it’s time to indulge her by actually taking her out shopping. Give her some money to spend, or lend her your credit card. Let her enjoy herself by trying on dresses and splashing out on some treats.

Buy Her A Personalised Gift

Men aren’t too fussed when it comes to personalised gifts.

“I don’t really care if my name is on my mug,” they say. “It’s just a mug.”

Women, however, love personalised gifts, such as customised coffee mugs or photo frames.

Personalised gifts are really inexpensive, too, and you can usually pick them up from local home stores for a few dollars.

A New Watch

A new timepiece is something lots of girls want, even if they don’t say it. Sometimes, we abstain from telling our partners that we’d like a new watch because we don’t want to seem materialistic or we don’t want our husband’s to say to us “it’s just a watch. Can’t you check the time on your phone instead?”

That’s not the point! Women love to have pretty things wrapped around their wrists, so you should totally consider getting your wife a brand new, gorgeous-looking watch.

A Skincare Set

Believe it or not, even your beautiful wife won’t have perfect skin all the time. Our skin is not easy to look after, and many women face daily battles trying to keep blemishes and conditions – such as psoriasis – at bay.

Buying your wife a skincare set for her birthday shows that you’re truly thinking of her and want her to look healthy and beautiful at all times.

A New Handbag

Girls need handbags like guys need wallets. Sure, handbags are bigger and often more expensive, but they are a necessary luxury.

And the more gorgeous a handbag, the better.

In some ways, a handbag is more just an accessory; it’s also a fashion statement that is like an extra piece of clothing. If you know that your wife could do with a new handbag, why not invest in a pricy one that will bring her much love and joy for the next few years?

Amazon Gift Card

Okay, we’ll admit it. You got us: Women love to spend money and your wife is probably no different.

We like shopping online and adding items to our wish list. It gives us momentary pleasure, but it’s just a shame we can’t do it more often!

A great gift for your wife for her birthday is an Amazon gift card that lets her spend a few $$$ on the things she’s been wanting for a long long time.



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