Guys: 10 Signs The Woman You’re Dating Is Married


It can be deeply frustrating and discouraging to meet what seems to be a good woman, begin dating her, even sleep with her, only to find out she’s married.

For one reason or another, married women do sometimes stray, and if you’re not careful, they could get you caught up in a very bad situation that you may not have seen coming.

So how do you know if your love interest is already taken? Here are 10 signs.

1. She has an indentation or tan line on her ring finger

When you first meet her, look for an obvious sign of a wedding ring that has just been removed.


2. She never wants to discuss past relationships

If she seems uncomfortable and worries excessively when you ask her innocent questions about her previous relationships, or if her body language indicates that she may be lying, your suspicions may be warranted.


3. Your meetings with her are strange in every way

Does she find excuses for why she can’t invite you back to her place? When you go out, are your meetings always prearranged with strict time frames? Is your girlfriend frequently cancelling dates at the last minute without reasonable explanations? Do you always have to go to places in another city? These behaviors should signal to you that she’s finding it difficult to fit you in her schedule and that she’s avoiding certain areas so she isn’t seen by anyone that could tell her spouse about what’s going on.



4. She won’t answer the phone when you are around

If your girlfriend avoids answering calls in front of you, she may have something to hide. If she protects her phone so you can’t even see the caller ID and/or has to urgently flee from you to answer it, you need to start wondering why.


5. She can’t speak to you after hours

Do you find that she calls, texts, or e-mails you very early in the morning, but she goes MIA at 7pm? If she does answer the phone, does she respond and speak with you like it’s a business call? That’s because she’s home with her husband and kids and can’t be disturbed.


6. She won’t tell you her home phone number

If you’re in a “committed” relationship and she won’t give you her home phone number, or gives it to you but insists that you NEVER call, there’s someone living there that she is afraid will answer when you call–like her husband.


7. She never invites you back to her place

Take notice if the woman you’re dating has been to your house several times but never invites you over to her place and makes excuses if you invite yourself, this could be a sign that she has a husband at home.


8. She never introduces you to her family or friends

Has she introduced you to her family and friends after the first few dates? If she’s treating you like a well kept secret, perhaps her intentions are to keep it that way.


9. She can’t spend holidays or special events with you

Married women can’t get away from their husbands or families to spend weekends, holidays or birthdays with you. Nor will you be invited to special events in her life. That’s reserved for her spouse.


10. She’s frequently unavailable or unreachable

Do you find it hard to get in touch with your girlfriend? Is her mobile phone turned off during times you normally can reach her, or does she claim not to have had any cell service for hours at a time? Or maybe she says she has business meetings all night or a work conference all weekend, so don’t call her, she’ll call you? If she’s frequently unavailable, it may be because she’s with her husband.


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