Did You Know It was the Gullah Gee Chee Ended Chattel Slavery Not The U.S Army

It is important to note true history as it puts one on the right side of political view and understanding. Although there are many traitors among African Americans, mostly the Boule; Blacks in Greek Societies, and Blacks in the Freemasonry, but there are heroes in the U.S for the struggle of African people worldwide. What is more accurate to the point than a discovery of these groups and how Africans on the continent can know who has sided with Africa? It is very important as the Door of No Return still stands as a reminder how difficult it would be for those taken away to return back to their original self. It is a very difficult task even for those on the continent in the cradle of tradition.
In the event of news and information pertaining to Africans worldwide we need to establish  an awareness campaign to keep in touch on one or several particular news broadcasts. These news outlets must speak truth and alert our people to what is taking place anywhere in the world from African eyes and ears. In Ancient times, we suffered greatly from the lack of communication, many tribes were either far away from each other, behind mountains, lakes, rivers, spoke a different language, were at odds with each other, etc. This lack of central communication and intelligence hurt the African cause to remain free, independent and strong, must I add. Communication is strength like the African drum. Now all lionesses and lions roar mighty so the world can hear.
This channel can be utilized for advertisement of festivals or economic empowerment news. Many various types of important and trivial announcements pertaining to all Africans. This online channel can also be utilized to deliver important news to all African Americans, Gullahs, Pan Africans, Black Nationalists, Conscious community, religious communities and congregations, whatever your category of group you are welcomed to tune in. There maybe major events that would affect you and your family. You don’t want to trust the major news outlets with delivering to you the truth as they are controlled forces designed to mislead. All of them. Even the popular Black news outlets. Trust in your intuition first, pray and stay up to date with events. Remember get your food growing game up. Stock on emergency supplies and tools. Medicine. Love, Sango.
Her Royal Majesty Queen Quet of the Gullah Nation

Written by PH

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