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‘Gucci Grace’ Falls Into Disgrace, What’s Next For The Extravagant ‘Mugabes’

Mrs Mugabe had been certain for a while that she would be the next President of Zimbabwe. For a woman who began her career as a typist in the Zimbabwean State House, it would most certainly be the greatest rags to riches story of any woman President in history.

She does not have the Harvard degree of outgoing Liberian leader, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, but she is ‘Gucci Grace’, the name earned from extravagant shopping habits. She had been on the Italian job of kicking out all other contenders within the palace, particularly Mr Mnangagwa, a veteran of the Zimbabwean wars of the 70s.

It has borne a similarity to the way she became the First Lady in the first place, already having children for Mr Mugabe even before the death of his first wife, Sally Hafron, in 1992.

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The GOODBYE They Dreaded

They may have been kicked out of the helm of affairs but it cannot be said that this has been largely unexpected. While they have had firm plans in place to perpetuate their grip on power, they have also made plans for the day the well dries. Grace and her two sons, Robert Peter and Bellarmine Chatunga, have been regulars at South Africa, where they are said to own million-dollar properties of more than the combined income of thousands of Zimbabweans.


A video, uploaded by one of the boys, shows him pouring a 200-pound bottle of champagne on a 45,000-pound watch, with the boast “When your daddy run the whole country, ya know!”

The Mugabes have a close relationship with Jacob Zuma and his government. With the end of the road now reached in her journey to the top, she could be faced with the dilemma of having to return to the same South Africa, her country of birth, as the whole of Zimbabwe would certainly be too hostile for her. The Mugabe boys are already treated as vagabonds of sorts at home and in SA, hopping from one campus to another lacking the cool head to settle down in any academic endeavor.

With the wealth they are sure to have accumulated over the years, it should not be difficult to imagine them disappearing to some island where they will begin life again. A case in point would be the ousted Gambian president, Yahya Jammeh, who, since he was deposed early in the year, has remained out of sight and out of mind.

For his role in emancipating Rhodesia, Comrade Robert may not necessarily fizzle from immediate memory.

However, Zimbabweans cannot wait to lose memories of the last 30 years under the grip of Dictator Mugabe. Those who had begun to have panic attacks on how much worse their lives would become under Grace can now get medical help and recover with ease.



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