Guava Leaves Stops Hair Loss And Makes It Grow – Study

The hair loss is an issue of the head and scalp, but also the whole body even. It can impact both men and women and even children too. Many causes are for this like bad diet, no minerals, meds, stress, genes. A study of recently has proved 1/3 of total population has this issue.

But, no worries, we have a remedy. A natural remedy that is effective – the guava leaf.

Many world experts say this leaf when used regularly makes the hair grow again. This is due to the vitamin B in it that is crucial for great hair.


Take a full hand guava leaves to boil for 20 min. put them In 1 liter water. After that let it cool aside. Aply this mix on the scalp and roots just like a tonic. It must be used on washed hair right away. And also massage the scalp.

Keep in mind the mix must stay for few hours before you rinse. It is better when you sleep at night to let it sit. Put shower cap over it and rinse after waking up.

This DIY natural cure is amazing and it makes the hair stronger, promotes growing and makes roots healthier.

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