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Groom Leaves Bride Waiting In Church To Fix Client’s DSTV In Ghana

Mr. Effum-Atteh left his wife in the church to fix DSTV for a client on the wedding day

A newlywed groom identified as Mr. Effum-Atteh is reported to have left his wife in the church where their wedding was ongoing to fix his clients DSTV decoder.

The man, a professional decoder technician who tied the knot over the weekend in Cape Coast, has since been trending on social media.

According to sources, Mr. Effum-Atteh rushed to a client’s house after receiving a call to work, keeping his wife and all who had gathered waiting in church, after which he quickly went back to the church.

Though a cross-section have admired his sense of dedication to work, others are in amusement.

Maybe he might have taken a lesson from Kennedy Agyapong’s advise that as a man even when you are having sexual intercourse with your wife and you get a call to come to do business, stop, go and work for the money and later come and continue with the sex.

Man must work. Give no chance to small money.

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