Great Britain: Queen Elizabeth II Struck By Misfortune

Queen Elizabeth II has been hit by misfortune for a few days. Between Queen Elizabeth II and dogs, it’s a great love story. If the British monarch loves canines of all races, it has a clear preference for corgis, small, short-legged, very expressive looking, big-eared animals.

According to the British media, Whisper, aged 12, recently passed away at Windsor Castle. Queen Elizabeth II will now be deprived of her trusty Corgis, an endearing breed that she has loved since she was 18 years old. He followed her from room to room in Buckingham Palace.

Great Britain: Queen Elizabeth II struck by misfortune

But the queen is not devoid of canine companions: there are two corgis, Vulcan and Candy, born from the mixture corgi-dachshund.

According to Richard Kay, the correspondent for the  Daily Mail , it is in 2016 that Whisper was adopted by the queen after the death of its owner, Bill Fenwick, former gamekeeper of Sandringham, the royal estate of Norfolk. Richard Kay said that the death of Whisper has plunged the Queen into a ” deep sadness “.


Great Britain: Queen Elizabeth II struck by misfortune

“Fenwick’s late wife, Nancy, was known to be the”  guardian of the queen’s corgis  “and she always took care of royal pets when Her Majesty was on tour,”  he reported. “Over the last two years she had become particularly close to Whisper, who was following her with devotion from room to room throughout Buckingham Palace.”

A descendant of the 14th generation of Queen’s first dog, Susan, died of a cancer-related illness last April.

The newspaper The Telegraph  announced in 2015 that the queen had stopped raising corgis because of her age and her desire not to leave young dogs in case she passed away from death.

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