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Grammy Award Winner, Brandy Reveals Why She And Other Celebrities Like Lying

Unlike many other superstars, Brandy has one thing makes her unique and which she is also proud of, honestly. The star usually shares a lot of her personal staff—even those that many can’t expose—and her fans like her for that.

And while she appears not to be fake today, there are days when she was just as fake as other stars. The Grammy Award winner had a chance to explain everything behind her honesty, in a recent interview.

“Well, I was fake before.” She says. “Everybody has those moments when they think ’Who will I be today or tomorrow?’ You’ve to figure out what works best for you. But for me, the ‘fake’ phrase is not one I’m in anymore.”

“I love being real and honest. I like when people feel what I truly feel. And sometimes you even don’t have to say anything or use social media to clap back. I’m glad that I found my voice.”

People love being lied to, and believe her, staying grounded in truth isn’t that easy. But the star’s faith helps her to stay unshaken.


“I believe in God. You’ve to practice God and positivity.  You’ve to practice faith, till it becomes real,” says the star. “Believe only that, even though lying is something everyone experiences, it’s still possible to remain truthful.”

And as a proud black woman, Brandy had the following message to black divas

“I love being a Black girl,” she adds. “It’s magic. Throughout my career in modeling, music, and acting, I have actually believed in the magic of blackness. Looking back on how I began, it makes me motivated to bring those memories forward and embrace my blackness and braids in my adult life, even more.

“It’s a beautiful thing flashbacking and thinking about all those black women who’ve inspired me, who I’ve been privileged to get next to. And even those whom I’ve been honored to work with. You’ve to carry that forward as you go upward in your life and get older.”

The star is also well known for being the first black women to bring birds in the music industry in ‘90’s look. Today many celebrities have exemplified her style.

“I think it’s awesome,” Says Brandy. “Because I am just a reflection of what precisely these young girls and boys believe they’re. It feels amazing to just be yourself. Many folks are actually being natural and going after braids and I think it is really nice.


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