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Grace’s Ex-Hubby, Stanley Goreraza Threatens To Expose All On Mugabe!!

Stanley Goreraza, First Lady Grace Mugabe’s ex husband, has threatened to bare it all in the public domain, revealing President Robert Mugabe’s secrets.

Writing on his Facebook wall which he has never disowned and has been functioning for some time now, Goreraza who seems to have received threats that can only be insinuated to be coming from Mugabe’s agents says, “every time you try to intimidate and threaten me, I will punish you by revealing some of your secrets.”


Goreraza who is is an officer in the Air Force of Zimbabwe and the current defence attaché at the Zimbabwean embassy in China, makes the following threat, “I am going tell all of Zimbabwe about your injections and the synthetic supplements you take to cheat age.”

President Mugabe once revealed the secret to his unwrinkled face was botox, curiously Goreraza wants to expose this. It also explains why Mugabe’s face often changes so dramatically, from being chubby to gaunt and hollow-cheeked. It’s what happens when you don’t have regular treatment, medical experts say.

“And because of the phone call and emails I received today, I am going to punish you on Friday,” fumes Goreraza.

He also says additional threats will be responded to with much damaging disclosures.


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