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Grace Mugabe Reveals Mnangagwa Deal as Snake Causes Havoc at Mother’s Funeral

Former first lady Grace Mugabe has revealed how she struck an agreement with her husband to bury the hatchet with President Emmerson Mnangagwa after a bitter fallout last year.

Grace, who was accused of usurping former president Robert Mugabe’s powers, told thousands of mourners at the burial of her mother Idah Marufu in Chikomba yesterday that she had forgiven Mnangagwa.

She said they agreed with Mugabe to reconcile with Mnangagwa “for the good of the country”.


“We sat down with baba (Mugabe) and said as leaders, yes we might have had issues with him and what happened, but we have to show our people forgiveness,” she said.

On the eve of the July 30 elections, Mugabe vowed not to vote for Mnangagwa, describing him as his tormentor.

He went on to endorse MDC Alliance candidate Nelson Chamisa, saying the youthful opposition leader was the best among the 23 that were running for the presidency.

Grace said after the death of her mother last week, Mnangagwa wrote her a letter, fondly calling her his mother.

“The president wrote a letter to me and showed his love, he said I am his mother and he will never let me down’,” she said.

“I was touched by his kindness. I tell you today, he is a human being just like you and me here.”

The once powerful former first lady urged her followers who used to belong to a faction known as G40 to move on, saying she had decided to forgive the people who toppled her husband in a coup in November last year.

She described herself as the biggest victim of the military action, which its architects said was meant to remove criminals surrounding Mugabe at the time.

“Yes, what happened indeed happened. We must move on. We must learn to forgive each other. I have forgiven them,” Grace said.


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