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Grace Mugabe – ‘I’m Ready To Die For What Is Correct’

First lady Grace Mugabe has reportedly said she is ready to die.

Grace Mugabe’s nephew who is currently in hiding made the announcement on her behalf that she is ready to lose her life.

Grace Mugabe on Tuesday poetically manifested herself as an apparent Jezebel who painted her face just as the head of the army General Jehu entered the city to go after her. Mrs Mugabe suddenly painted her face with purple makeup as she posed for photos at her Mazowe farm property. More Biblical ironily emerged when it surfaced that this was the very day that Commander Of The Defence Forces, Constantino Chiwenga just arrived from China called journalists to make an announcement for military action to stop Grace Mugabe in her tracks.


Meanwhile announcing the latest development while in hiding, Mugabe”s nephew Patrick Zhuwao told the Reuters news agency that Grace Mugabe is ready to die for what is correct.

He states that Robert Mugabe has no intention of breaking Zimbabwe’s constitution or legitimising the apparent coup.

Zhuwao, who’s currently in hiding, says the military has engineered the popular protests to disguise its coup.

The Zimbabwean army has kept their word thst it is not a coup, but they are simply trying to stabilise the political and economic situation.

On Saturday, Zimbabweans marched in numbers in the nation and around the world in support of the army’s actions.



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  1. While bitch, I guess you should pic a good outfit for your funeral. Because you are finished. So do yourself a favor and go lay in the casket and shut the lid. You death is a welcome celebration to the people of Zimbabwe. You are right, you will should die for what is right. That would be the first truth you told in your bed wenching life.

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