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Grace Mugabe Ex-Hubby Goreraza Speaks On Mugabe Replacement, Says Tsvangirai Has Suffered Most!!

Of all the opposition Presidential candidates, only one has been present,visible and audible when Zimbabwe was at it’s lowest. When Zimbabweans were hurting, weeping and in mourning ,Morgan Tsvangirai has been there and he was heard. He has demonstrated, he has been teargassed and he has spent time in jail.

His life has been threatened, he has risked his life.He has been beaten and he has been persecuted He has attended many funerals of comrades killed by Zanu PF and he has personally mourned with grieving families.

He has spoken when someone had to say something. He has stood up when someone needed to take a stand. He has walked into the lions den and been hosted by hungry lions.

He paved the way for many who are running for president today. Morgan tamed the lions, to some extent, and today many can freely run for president, alongside the lions.

Morgan was there and spoke during Murambatsvina, when Joice Mujuru said absolutely nothing, when Nkosana Moyo was eating a three course meal at a hotel in Europe. When Joice Mujuru did not know or care where Murambatsvina victims spent the night, Morgan Tsvangirai knew after visiting them.

Nkosana has great ideas that will take Zimbabwe to greatness, but it’s Morgan who made it possible for him to articulate these ideas freely in front of audiences.

When it mattered the most, Morgan has been there. During cholera and queues for petrol and sugar, Morgan was there.


Morgan has been there with the people and for the people.

And so have many MDC activists, the unknown soldiers, with some even losing their lives, eaten by the lions. Behind Morgan Tsvangirai has been many brave young people, from Budiriro, Kuwadzana, Mbare, Mabvuku, Mzilikazi, Tshabalala, Makokoba and many others who have dared the lions.

There are thousands of brave unknown heroes from high density suburbs, who have made possible a good life for many from well to do suburbs. But they are never acknowledged and recognized.

I salute you all.

Tsvangirai and his troops have put on battle attire and fought many brave battles even though they lost most of the time to cheating lions.

And many mistakes have been made. Tsvangirai has got it wrong many times, like we all have as humans.

We have a duty to each other for no man is an island to himself. We owe each other love as fellow Zimbabweans. We all go and do wrong and correcting each other is how we save each other, zvine rudo.

All we need to agree is that there is evil in the land and it must be stopped. We must agree to stand against this evil together as Zimbabweans until we defeat it. We know who stands for evil and we must also know who stands for good. Evil is doing many things because good is doing nothing. What are we for, good or evil? There is no in-between. When evil acts, so must good. When good does nothing evil will rule and seek to vanquish all good.
Evil has seasons, but good is forever. Evil is for a time but good is for all times.


Written by How Africa

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